To God Be The Glory!

The last sixty days have simply been a blur! There has been so much that has gone down, that it’s hard enough to remember, let alone try to capture it in words. When we received an offer to join Team Adventure back on October 3, we were led to a crisis of belief. Do we stay with the status quo? Or do we step out in faith and trust God for the unknown. As we prayed for a sign to determine God’s perfect will, He gave us these words on Saturday, October 6, from the devotional Jesus Calling:

“Be willing to follow wherever I lead. Follow Me wholeheartedly, with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Though you don’t know what lies ahead, I know; and that is enough! Some of My richest blessings are just around the bend: out of sight, but nonetheless very real. To receive these gifts, you must walk by faith—not by sight. This doesn’t mean closing your eyes to what is all around you. It means subordinating the visible world to the invisible Shepherd of your soul.”

After reading these words, we sensed God saying, “It will be OK. Trust me. I am leading you in a new direction.” With God’s prompting, and receiving the confirmations of godly counsel, I took the leap. And honestly, it felt like I was about to jump off a huge cliff, unaware of how things would truly shake out. However, as soon as I leaped, we experienced God’s provision in so many ways, which only confirmed that God was truly leading us back to Sac!

Looking back on the last 60 days, there is so much I want to write about and give glory to God for! First, we were so blessed by our SeaCoast Grace Church family as we began our transition. We felt loved, celebrated and released to fulfill God’s leading. In addition, the Grace Christian School community was so giving, supportive and key in helping Zach say goodbye to great friends, teachers and administrators. Additionally, I am amazed that we had four offers on our home in four days and sold it for above our asking price. Our realtor Dave Chamberlain and his wife Linda were amazing. They had great faith in our home, the market and represented us very well. On top of it all, we were able to purchase a beautiful home in Roseville, and one with the pool that Zach really wanted.

Finally, we have been so blessed by Team Adventure! They have welcomed us with open arms and been so supportive, encouraging and helpful. Yes, God has led our family well and it’s good to be back in Sac. And as we share a meal with family, or celebrate Zach’s birthday at the local bowling alley with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, we’re reminded just why we migrated home. Thanks for your prayers, support and love. I am blessed to call you friends.

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  1. Cris Baldonado Reply

    The words you had quoted are the exact words I need to hear. It makes me think if God directed me to read your story so that I too can be assured of his plans that are already set yet still unknown to me. I love that when He leads us, his provisions are more than sufficient and our heart finds peace. I am happy for you and your family, Pastor Bryan.

  2. Ben Pavan Reply

    Wow, when I read these words, I was overwhelmed that I know the author. I was further very much aware that they were written by a true man of God. One who is sure of his faith, and is obedient to that faith. Bryan, I was blessed this am. just by reading your heartfelt words.
    Can’t wait to see you again,
    Peace and Love to the Hardwick family…
    The Godfather

  3. Christina Chamberlain Reply


    My dad told me about your blog. He is so grateful to have been a part of your big transition back to Sacramento. In his words, the entire thing wasn’t short of a miracle! I’m headed to SoCal on Wednesday. I am so very happy that I get to spend Christmas with my family.

    I miss you and your family so much. Pease give Jennifer and Zach my love. I hope to see you all soon! Happy holidays!


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