Standing Out in the Crowd

Tired of my promotional screen shots getting lost in the crowd of pre-service announcements, I decided to create some creative and thought-provoking stand outs to promote Small Groups at SeaCoast Grace Church. The result has been very positive. In fact, I’ve received many more comments and inquiries from these slides, which are rotated from week to week, than I ever did from any previous announcement slides.

In marketing, less is usually more! Therefore, we need to clear the clutter and make the message matter. That’s what I’ve tried to do with these pieces. What do you think? What’s your personal favorite?


3 Responses to Standing Out in the Crowd
  1. Tom Reply

    Love these Bryan! My fav is the first one – “Big things…”. Clear, to the point, casts a vision in a few words.

  2. Mark Guillen Reply

    I like the second one. To the point, and makes a point rather clearly.

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