They say in recovery that “you’re only as sick as your secrets,” and as a pastor, I too often see the damage that comes from keeping secrets. Whether it’s the husband that lies to his wife about where he’s been or what he’s up to. Or the daughter that keeps her pregnancy a secret from the family. All of us at times are tempted, to hide because of our own guilt and shame. But, the secrets we keep, don’t make life better. Instead they lead us into isolation, rather into the community and connection we need. For only in community, will we truly find the acceptance and healing for the brokenness of our soul.

James 5:16 instructs us to, “confess our sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” There is something powerful that comes when we release the secrets that are holding us captive in authentic biblical community. In doing so we move out of darkness, into the light. And it’s in the light that we discover that honesty really does bring hope and healing as we experience the love and acceptance of a trusted friend, spouse or parent. Yes, in some cases honestly will be hard and may lead us into a painful or fearful journey, but in the community of God’s people, you will find greater strength than you would trying to tackle whatever it is you are facing alone.

In life, so much can be saved or redeemed if only we could learn not to hide and instead speak truth to one another. Jesus said it best in John 8:32, when he said that “the truth will set you free.” Having the courage to meet the demands of reality shows strength, character and ultimately brings healing to the soul. I pray that we can live in the truth, by being honest with ourselves, God and others. In doing so, we will truly be free to experience all that God means for us to experience.

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  1. MrPatrickv Reply

    I really like your message on secrets. It really is true that we are as sick as our secrets. It seems that the longest road to recovery and freedom from those sicknesses seems to be the road traveled between our mind to our heart. Denial seems to be the roadblock that makes traveling that road impassable. I know I was even in denial about my denial ! It wasn’t until I gave my roadblocks and my secrets to God in full surrender that I was able to let God remove the roadblocks and scales from my eyes so that true healing could occur.

    God is truly merciful and gentle in how healing comes to pass with matters of the heart. But I have set my heart to commit to never keeping secrets again. I enjoy my relationship with God and others all the more now because of being set free from my secrets. My secrets that held me back from maturity have now become blessings in accountability and success measured in spiritual growth and relationship with my best friend…Jesus.

    Thank you for the encouraging message. I can attest to the power and rewards of letting go. I also loved the video and how the character turned away from the things that seemed to hold her back (alcohol, street drugs, unhealthy relationships). At least that is how I interpreted the video. It was powerful to me.

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