Is This the Next Susan Boyle?

Remember when Susan Boyle first walked on stage at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions and proved that looks can be deceiving? Well it happened again last week!

This time it’s in the person of Jonathan Antoine, a shy 17-year-old who has suffered years of bullying in the school yard on account of his weight. At his side was Charlotte, his loyal friend who has made it her business to stand by him whenever she can. When asked afterwards if this was a life-changing moment for them, Jonathan smiled and said “yes”, while Charlotte looked at him with a smile and said, “Yes, I think for you!”

Watch the life-changing moment in the video below and share your thoughts…

2 Responses to Is This the Next Susan Boyle?
  1. Susan Mentink Reply

    I’m crying like a baby! What a beautiful picture of friendship. I think they were beautiful together, and I would venture to say that he would not have sounded like that if not for her standing by his side. You don’t even want to know what I think of Simon!

  2. Connie Reply

    Triumphant for that young man. And, what a jewel of a friend. Beautiful.

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