43 Things I Love About Jennifer

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share 43 things I love about my wife Jennifer…

1. Her love for God.
2. Her smile.
3. Her gentle spirit.
4. Her tireless devotion to our family.
5. Her love for God’s Word.
6. Her faithful prayers for me and our family.
7. Her cooking!
8. Her frugal ways.
9. Her love for baseball.
10. Her optimism.
11. Her good looks.
12. Her incredible ability to lovingly keep me in line.
13. Her love for our son Zach.
14. Her love for the San Francisco Giants.
15. Her commitment to help build a ManCave in our home.
16. Her love for Trader Joes.
17. Her growing passion for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
18. Her brown eyes.
19. Her picture perfect teeth.
20. Her stubborn personality.
21. Her sense of humor.
22. Her loyalty to others.
23. Her willingness to be on God’s adventure with me.
24. Her love of nature.
25. Her passion to read.
26. Her selflessness.
27. Her thoughtfulness.
28. Her willingness to come alongside a friend in need.
29. Her sacrificial ways.
30. Her family.
31. Our friendship.
32. Our ability to laugh at each other.
33. That she can speak to me without saying a word.
34. That she makes our house a home.
35. That she listen to my rants without judging me.
36. That she loves the simple things of life.
37. That she isn’t pretentious. What you see is what you get.
38. Her hugs & kisses!
39. Her hospitality.
40. That she never talks bad about others.
41. That she said “yes” to me 19 years ago.
42. That she still sends chills down my spine.
43. That she is my one true love.

Yep, that’s one thing I love for every year of her life. I love you sweetie! I am truly blessed to be able to share life’s journey with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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