Lessons from Peter

A successful entrepreneur with a thriving fishing business, Peter was a natural leader who was willing to take risks. He was bold, impulsive and often stuck out his neck in pursuit of being with Jesus. This zealous side of Peter served him well, but it also got him into trouble. Throughout the Scriptures, we see Peter struggling to let go of his agenda and accept God’s agenda, and in doing so, he sets himself up for failure time and time again.

While Peter didn’t lack for motivation, he did refuse to deal with many of the “know” and “below” barriers that prevented him from being the man God intended. Aware of Peter’s tendencies, Jesus allowed Peter to put himself in positions to fail, because in doing so, Jesus knew that Peter would also put himself in positions to grow. Every time Peter failed, he learned something about life and every time he learned something, he grew. And in learning from his mistakes, Peter became a different man.

Presented with the same challenges and opportunities, we would likely respond like Peter, who boasted too much, prayed too little, acted too fast and followed too far away. However, the good news is that just like Peter, who learned from his mistakes, there is a gracious Father who wants to do the same wonderful work in our lives as well. But that takes a commitment on our part. First, to be courageous enough to face our own “know”, “go” and “below” barriers to spiritual growth. Second, to trust God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

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  1. jeff watkins Reply

    hey. Go Giants.
    And I am struggling to figure out what the “know and below” barriers your refer to in this message are ??
    Can anyone out there fill me in ???

    • Bryan Hardwick Reply

      Always hard to capture a complete snapshot of a man’s life in 250 words or less, but the reference to Peter not being the man God intended refers to his early years of training with Jesus. Peter was a rather brash, overconfident, impulsive guy and Jesus was often found cleaning up the messes he made. However, as Peter learned from Jesus and relied on God’s power he became a mighty man of God, as I mention later.

      Like Peter, we men can become overconfident, brash, impulsive. Running ahead of God in our own strength usually ends up getting us in trouble. But facing our own weaknesses, insecurities and motivational barriers (know, below and go) in God’s power allows us to fully live out God’s plan and purposes for our life. Hope that helps.

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  3. Karen Uhlman Reply

    Hi Bryan, it may just be my phone, but I am unable to utilize the “Pin it” button on this great lesson. Thanks.

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