10 Things I’m Looking Forward To…

10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in NorCal…

1. Adventure Christian Church
– We’re excited to join the team of Adventure Christian Church in Roseville! God is doing a great thing there and I am thrilled to serve with some good friends and alongside a former seminary professor of mine.

2. Family – We’ve missed our family! And with our move back to Sacramento, we’ll be within a two-hour drive of most of our family!

3. Seasons – Instead of two seasons, I’ll get to experience four distinct seasons and appreciate all the beauty that these seasons bring.

4. Green Belts & Open Spaces – No longer will I be living in the concrete jungle. Instead I’ll be living in a land of open spaces, with real rivers and wildlife to appreciate.

5. Reconnecting with Friends – We have some great friends in Sacramento and I can’t wait to live close and reconnect with them!

6. SF Giants – I love my SF Giants! And while I won’t be able to afford to see them with the frequency I did with the Angels, I am looking forward to being at the crown jewel of MLB and routing on the Orange & Black!

7. Lakes – I am looking forward to warm days out on the lake with family and friends. Either skiing on Folsom Lake or house-boating on Lake Oroville with the rest of the clan! Also, looking forward to hiking to Rock Lake in Plumas Eureka State Park once again.

8. Cost of Living – What can I say? The dollar goes a lot further in Northern California. And I am looking forward to getting on board with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps once again.

9. Proximity to Favorite Getaways – We’ve missed being able to drive to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Napa for the day. These are some of the most beautiful places in the world!

10. Our Home – Our offer was accepted on a home in Roseville! It’s a beautiful two-story home, near to the church, with a swimming pool and a dog run already built-in. We look forward to creating special memories in this home for years to come.

6 Responses to 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To…
  1. Dan & Carol McAleer Reply

    It sounds so great I’m wondering if you have a guest bedroom.

  2. Val Shope Reply

    Sounds WONDERFUL… 🙂 Happy for you!

  3. Julia & Pat McConaghy Reply

    We wish the three of you the best. As fellow SF Giant fans we understand the reasons to visit ‘the city’ and all your other reasons to be there too. We get it and are soooo happy for all of you. When we are up there we will be guests at your church! Blessings! Julia & Pat

    • Bryan Hardwick Reply

      Thanks Julia & Pat! How about those World Series 2012 Giants? Blessings to you and we hope to see you as our guest one day at Adventure.

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